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Create Something Unforgettable

Now you can use wood in ways you’d never imagined. For structural creations, where once, only steel and concrete would be the option – Accoya brings structural stability and design flexibility to the table, combined with the aesthetic that only real wood can truly deliver.

From innovative builds and impressive underwater bridges to outdoor sculptures, landscape timbers and art installations. The possibilities are endless.

Why not enhance your home. Where wood is generally seen as short-lived and impractical solution, Accoya turns this outlook on its head. You can bring the outdoors in with a timber garden room or create an entirely new space with freestanding buildings such as summer houses and garden offices. Or even update your outdoor surroundings with stylish Accoya furniture, durable fence posts and gates. Using Accoya wood, the possibilities are endless.

To specify Accoya for an upcoming project, visit our Architect zone here.


With our unmatched 50-year warranty for above ground applications and 25 years below ground or in fresh water, feel confident that your Accoya creation will stand the test of time.

Auf Accoya lassen sich vielseitige Oberfläche auftragen


Smooth, brushed, charred – on Accoya products, whatever your design demands, you can choose from a multitude of bespoke finishes.

Accoya ist sehr pflegeleicht


Accoya wood shrinks and swells much less than other wood species. Limited distortion means minimal maintenance.

Aus natürlichem Holz


Accoya is a world-leading natural solution against huge global environmental concerns – including climate change, ecosystem destruction and finite renewable resources.

Tested to the Limit

Durable, water resistant wood

Tested to the Limit

60 year service life

After running tests and reviewing external and independent data, the BRE concluded that Accoya wood, provided best design practice is followed, has a service life expectancy of 60 years when used in exterior applications such as timber doors and wooden door frames.

Part Q compliancy

To enable building regulation Part Q compliancy, Accsys in collaboration with UKAS approved test houses of timber window and wooden door manufacturers, ancillary suppliers to our industry and the BWF Federation has developed a security global assessment. This document allows for the successful security testing of Accoya windows and doors to be cascaded down to window and door manufacturers, thus limiting the need for further testing.

Thermal Performance

Accoya thermal conductivity has been assessed by IFT Rossenheim, Germany in accordance with EN 12664 and then developed into the required declared value format, under the most rigorous European assessment methods by the EN ISO 10456: 2008 procedure for determination of declared and design thermal values.

In comparison to other standard wood types for joinery, Accoya thermal conductivity is:
› Superior to softwood by 8%
› Superior to hardwood by 30%

To specify Accoya for an upcoming project, visit our Architect zone here.


Accoya wood is very easy to work with and can be manufactured into many different products for the home and in commercial settings.

Energy-Efficient Home choses Accoya


Energy-Efficient Home choses Accoya


Klima Architecture aspired to build this three-story home with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind.

The home is PHIUS+ certified and includes solar power sources, minimal heating/cooling systems, triple pane windows, recycled materials, and other energy saving appliances.

The exterior is wrapped in charred Accoya wood, fitting the eco-conscious theme. Accoya wood is designed to last, providing stability throughout the seasonal changes in Utah.

Award winning, inspired by design


Award winning, inspired by design

Moses Bridge

As part of a recent restoration programme, Fort de Roovere, the largest fort on the line required the addition of an access bridge. The fort is surrounded by a moat and was originally built without a bridge so it was a challenge to create one that would be discreet.

RO&AD architects’ solution was to build a ‘sunken’ bridge that follows the line of the fort slope and sits almost flush with the soil and the level of the water, making it practically invisible as you approach the fort.

The bridge is built from Accoya wood sheet piling on either side, with a hardwood deck/stairs in between. Accoya wood’s durability and guaranteed performance in-ground and in freshwater made this possible.


A fully factory coating can be applied on all Accoya products. A variety of colours and finishes have been tested by leading coating manufacturers with outstanding results. Some examples can be seen below but the possibilities are endless.

Accoya flooring for Omnisport Apeldoorn velodrome


Accoya flooring for Omnisport Apeldoorn velodrome

Velodrome specialists SDA from Stompetoren, North Holland used Accoya to replace larch for the cycling track in the Omnisport Apeldoorn multi-sport indoor arena. SDA’s portfolio also includes impressive velodromes such as: Athens, Mexico City and Majorca.

Accoya was chosen because of its stability, low maintenance and less splintering than other woods.

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You can buy Accoya and Accoya products from our selection of distributors or manufacturers in your region. Use our map search tool to find your nearest Accoya supplier.

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