Wooden bridge

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Accoya bridge

a sustainable and stable solution

Bridges, whether they are for pedestrians or vehicles, need to be structurally stable and able to withstand the weight going backwards and forwards.

Accoya combines strength and durability with its construction flexibility, making it the ideal wood to produce a structurally sound bridge.

In addition, Accoya has a proven ability to perform in challenging climates and in contact with water. Years of testing have shown it is the ultra high-performance sustainable wood which comes with an industry leading 50 year above ground and 25 year in ground and freshwater warranty.

Accoya wood provides peace of mind. An Accoya wooden bridge will stand the test of time.

To specify Accoya for an upcoming wooden bridge project, visit our Architect zone here.

Highly Stable

Highly Stable

Accoya wood is exceptionally stable. Even when exposed to water, the original design is maintained making it an ideal choice for a wooden bridge, especially if in contact with water.

Highly Durable

Highly durable

There are Accoya wooden bridge examples around the world which have been in place for several years. With outstanding warranties and proven service life, Accoya will last a lifetime.

Low Maintenance

Low maintenance

A wooden bridge is often a commercial project, with large footfall and suspended in areas difficult to reach. Choosing Accoya wood for a bridge means there is no need to worry about regular maintenance.

Bespoke Options

Custom options

With Accoya you have complete freedom to design a unique wooden bridge, selecting the dimensions and style you desire.

Award winning Moses bridge

Case Study

Award winning Moses bridge

As part of a recent restoration program, Fort de Roovere, the largest fort on the line required the addition of an access bridge. The fort is surrounded by a moat and was originally built without a bridge so it was a challenge to create one that would be discreet.

Rather than a traditional elevated bridge or even a floating bridge, RO&AD architects’ solution went one step further and choose to build a ‘sunken’ bridge that follows the line of the fort slope and sits almost flush with the soil and the level of the water, making it practically invisible as you approach the fort.

The wooden bridge is built from Accoya wood sheet piling on either side, with a hardwood deck/stairs in between. Accoya wood’s durability and guaranteed performance in-ground and in freshwater made this possible.

Another unique bridge in the Netherlands is the Accoya floating bridge.

Coatings & Finishes

A fully factory coating is strongly recommended for Accoya structures. A variety of colors and finishes have been tested by leading coating manufacturers with outstanding results. Some examples can be seen below but the possibilities are endless.

Tried and tested

Tried and tested

Over the past two decades, Accoya wood has been tested extensively by accredited bodies. Their reports showcase the excellent performance and outstanding benefits of Accoya wood.

For more information and to see the testing reports, head to our inspiration page.

To specify Accoya for an upcoming wooden bridge project, visit our Architect zone here.

Stavanger timber boardwalk construction

Case study

Stavanger timber boardwalk construction

For this project, the foundations were fixed into the seafloor. The timber boardwalk construction, which is about 49 yards, is clad with a geometrically patterned floor cover of Accoya, with recessed diagonal grip strips to make it extra slip-resistant in colder periods when ice is likely. An integrated bench that runs along the inside of the wooden bridge has also been made using Accoya allowing visitors to sit, rest and gaze.

The timber boardwalk construction is part of a hiking trail that spans 829 yards and is very popular with local and visiting walkers, joggers and cyclists. Named the Stavanger Boardwalk, the bridge connects neighboring coastal villages in the Håhammaren area which look out onto the magnificent Hafrsfjord, one of the most well-known fjords in Norway.

Inspirational wood products

Accoya wood is very versatile, discover some additional uses here.

Imagine Accoya for your next inspirational project

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