Wooden Sunrooms

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Accoya wooden sunroom ideas

Enhance your space

Be it a quiet space for reading, reflection and yoga, a spacious home office to take working from home to new level or a games room for the children, a wooden garden room gives you that essential extra space and makes a stylish addition to your home. From a simple room to more custom designs, using Accoya wood will transform any wooden sunroom ideas.

For an elegant extension of your home, choose a timber conservatory or timber frame orangery filled with natural light flooding through Accoya windows and doors. Even in the winter months, the space will offer a warm, cozy environment for the whole family .

Alternatively, opt for a timber frame garden room, sometimes called a summer house, in your garden, a place to escape from the noise and bustle of the home. With Accoya wood cladding, your wooden garden room can be built to last with minimal maintenance needs. The impressive thermal insulation of Accoya locks in warmth so your timber frame sunroom stays in use year-round, while its robust and durable nature works for both traditional and contemporary designs.

Ideal for Coating

Ideal for coating

With Accoya you can add your own personal touch as it is ideal for coating. Choose a paint or stain with confidence knowing it will last for years to come.

Thermal insulation

Accoya offers the perfect solution to avoiding unnecessary heat loss and sky-high energy bills while still getting the chic look you’re after, thanks to its outstanding thermal properties.

Highly stable

Superior in its durability and stability, Accoya gives you that natural look guaranteed to last for generations to come.

Non Toxic

Non toxic

Sustainably sourced and biocide-free, the low carbon impact of Accoya makes it the eco-friendly choice for any wooden sunroom.

Oak colored timber conservatory

Case Study

Oak colored timber conservatory

For their new timber conservatory, the homeowners were keen on the color and look of using Oak. They felt this would complement their existing property.

Accoya Approved Manufacturers, Traditional Conservatories Limited were chosen to produce and install this conservatory. They specified Accoya wood as this met their clients’ preferences of Oak, without any of the hassles.

Accoya is more stable and durable and therefore will not move as much as traditional timbers would. The windows and doors on this timber conservatory will remain easy to open and close all year round, no matter the climate variations experienced in the UK. Similarly, Accoya is also ideal for your timber frame orangery.

Coatings & Finishes

A fully factory coating is strongly recommended for an Accoya wooden sunroom. A variety of colors and finishes have been tested by leading coating manufacturers with outstanding results. Some examples can be seen below but the possibilities are endless.

UK tried and tested

UK tried and tested

Over the past two decades, Accoya wood has been tested extensively by accredited bodies. Their reports showcase the excellent performance and outstanding benefits of Accoya wood.

For more information and to see the testing reports, head to our inspiration page.

Armadilla Wave with Accoya siding

Case Study

Armadilla Wave with Accoya siding

Armadilla create luxury experiential wooden garden rooms. By endorsing the concept of the ‘Circular Economy’, all elements of Armadilla products can be recycled, repaired or reused. This is why Accoya is the perfect material choice for the external siding, with a 50 year warranty.

The Wave was designed with six meter lengths of timber cladding, curved and bent to represent an organic wave-like shape, giving the product its name. The design was complex and came with challenges, however, using Accoya wood was the solution and brought the timber frame garden room to life effectively and reliably, knowing the structure will last for generations to come. Accoya approved distributors, International Timber, worked with Armadilla to source, manufacture and install the unique Accoya façade.

Inspirational wood products

Accoya wood is very versatile, ideal for many different types of wooden products.

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