Color Grey Decking

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Enhanced wood. Advanced Performance.

Durable decking that delivers

A stylish grey deck can enhance any home, bringing the outdoors inside. But being outdoors, your deck needs to withstand the elements and stay looking as fresh as the day it was built.

There’s a lot of choice when it comes to choosing a decking material and sadly most materials do not live up to the high standards you might expect. Accoya Color Grey is an ultra-high performance decking product that combines the beauty and benefits of 100% real wood, but without the drawbacks. Colored through completely from surface to core, the gorgeous Color Grey delivers a premium look and a deck that lasts.

Colored throughout

Accoya Color is colored through to the core, requiring less maintenance. Save time and money by choosing Accoya for your deck.

Highly Stable

Highly stable

Your Color Grey deck will last for years to come due to the minimal movement of the Accoya wood, keeping your deck boards in place like the day they were installed.

Accoya 25 Jahre Garantie für Holzprodukte ohne Bodenkontakt

25 Year Warranty

25 year* residential warranty, giving you peace of mind that your decking is a worthwhile investment. 10 year warranty for Commercial Applications and residential use in the state of Florida.

Non Toxic


Accoya Color is a non-toxic, sustainable and 100% recyclable option for your wooden decking. Kind to you and to the planet.

Accoya Color Grey Pool decking in France

Case Study

Accoya Color Grey Pool decking in France

Accoya Color Grey decking was chosen for this pool surround in France. Accoya Color deck boards are beautiful and smooth to touch, ideal for under bare feet.

For the homeowners of this property, Accoya Color decking was the natural choice as there was no need to coat the decking and therefore very limited maintenance will be required over the years to come. Just seasonal cleaning will be enough to keep their decking looking as good as new, with no negative impacts from the swimming pool.

Relaxing backyard garden

Case Study

Relaxing backyard garden

Accoya Color Grey decking was used to create an idyllic corner in the garden of this private residence. The small oasis of well-being invites you to linger and relax in the midst of flowers and plants, while enjoying the natural and non-toxic real wood Accoya Color Grey deck.

As Accoya Color is colored through to the core, it works well for this hideaway. The decking is low maintenance and will look great every Summer after a light seasonal clean. Not to mention, if outside furniture was to scuff against the boards, you would not have the same impact as on a coated decking board, simply revealing the Grey color throughout.

Accoya Color Grey Pool Cover

Case Study

Accoya Color Grey Pool Cover

A pool cover made of Accoya Color Gray was built for this private residence in Immensee, Switzerland.

The pool cover is a sophisticated construction by RR Variationen GmbH. When in use, the pool cover can be easily pushed to the side and then serves as a deck surface for sunbathing. After swimming, the cover can simply be pushed back to protect the pool again.

Accoya wood is popular for pool covers and pool surrounds because it is very durable and dimensionally stable. Accoya wood rarely warps, which is a particular advantage for this sliding structure. Even after many years, the Accoya Color Gray pool cover will roll easily and not jam even in the long term.

Accoya Color Grey FAQs

Decking Applications

Accoya decking is very versatile, discover some typical uses here.

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