Elegance on the shores of Lake Orta

Lake Orta


Exterior elegance

Exterior elegance

Located on the shores of Lake Orta, this 5-star boutique-hotel allows you to relax at the slow pace of life at the water’s edge. It is in this spirit that Casa Fantini, created by the architect Piero Lissoni, was designed. Two buildings, one pre-existing and one new, are identifiable by their contrasting facades. Facing the lake and blending into the landscape through the choice of natural materials such as stone and Accoya wood for exterior cladding.


An ideal wood for outdoor use, Accoya is highly weather-resistant, has the best rot-resistant quality class with a 50-year warranty above ground and 25 years below ground, and no toxicity. In addition, the dimensional stability that Accoya provides is superior to the best tropical woods, ideal for this type of project. Accoya cladding boards stay perfectly flat, without moving or warping, retaining the hotel’s aesthetic lines over time.


The arrangement of the elements gives depth to the flooring, characterised by the dark colour of Accoya wood matching the grey stones of the walls that brings out the green of the garden and contrasts with the surrounding vegetation.

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