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Your exterior wood cladding needs to weather any storm, in style. We know that aesthetics, low maintenance and durability are crucial. What you may not know is that Accoya out-performs even the most durable tropical hardwood cladding.

By combining superior stability and durability with the beauty of natural wood, you can achieve the look and the performance you want from your timber cladding. Not to mention Accoya’s world-leading sustainability credentials.


year warranty

With our unmatched 50-year above ground warranty, feel confident that your Accoya timber cladding is a worthwhile lifetime investment.

Benefits of Accoya exterior cladding


in environment, time and design

Exterior timber cladding has to withstand any weather. Resistant to rotting, Accoya cladding is likely to stay free of any visible distortion over its lifetime – which means fewer call backs than typical wood cladding. A cost-effective choice for lasting performance.


50 year warranty


highly stable


Very low maintenance


that delivers your aesthetic vision

Stay true to your vision with a range of finishes, including Shou Sugi Ban and bespoke board sizes and fixings. Left untreated, your exterior wood cladding will weather naturally. But if you’d prefer to coat it, Accoya cladding makes the ultimate surface.


Wide boards available


ideal for coating


For all climates


unrivalled in the market

Now you can meet the most demanding of planning requirements. Accoya wood cladding is 100% non toxic and contains no biocides or harmful chemicals. Each cladding panel is made from FSC® certified timber that’s fully sustainable.


sustainably sourced


non toxic


100% recyclable

Designed with Accoya in mind

Marks and Spencer

Designed with Accoya in mind

Marks and Spencer’s new Simply food store uses Accoya to show off stunning façade in Ashby de la Zouch.

The striking new M&S Foodhall building on the outskirts of Ashby has been named the best new build in the area in the last decade.

The modern sleek design of the building, with its distinctive wooden appearance around the top with large windows to let in maximum light, was named the best new build in the last 10 years at North West Leicestershire District Council’s Good Design Awards.

The finished dimensions of the fins were 66 x 142mm in varying lengths, made from 75 x 150 Accoya that had been finger jointed.

The coating system was a factory-applied 3-part Teknos translucent film-forming coating comprising a basecoat of 2907 Aquaprimer and two coats of 2600 Aquatop. The colour code was FI026.

Accoya was supplied by Dresser Moulding’s (part of the James Latham Group) and the construction company was Pioneer.

Accoya wood cladding for award winning visitor centre

Selected as the material of choice

Accoya wood cladding for award winning visitor centre

Accoya has been selected to provide timber doors, brise soleil shading and external wood cladding to a number of new facilities at Airfield, a popular urban visitor attraction in south Dublin, Ireland.

The triple award-winning renovation project headed by Solearth Ecological Architecture, topped the Best Cultural Building and Best Sustainable Building categories in the RIAI awards, and was also named Ecocem Green Building of the Year in the Green Awards. Learn more about Accoyas environmental credentials.

The Victorian estate, which encompasses the original Overend family home, farm and gardens, has benefited from significant refurbishment, renovation and landscaping in recent months. Chosen for its superior durability, it’s retention of natural aesthetic qualities with age, and its origins as sustainable softwood, Accoya timber cladding now adorns the new restaurant and shop, education buildings, horticultural buildings.


Tested to the limit

External coatings test

Leading timber research institute, BM Trada, tested the stability of Accoya wood against other widely used cladding materials by cyclic exposure of coated boards to wet and ambient conditions.

BM Trada found that Accoya wood had exceptional stability and stated that Accoya used for cladding boards could increase from standard 150mm wide profiles to 200mm when used externally. This increased width specification board shows Accoya wood’s design flexibility and superior performance when compared to western red cedar, larch and thermally modified pine.

Leading timber research institute, BM Trada, was commissioned by Accsys to perform a series of exposure trials. The trials using the same coating began in February 2007 in
Buckinghamshire, England and tested Accoya cladding board’s resistance to natural weathering and splitting in comparison to Pine and Siberian Larch.

This test, using a translucent black coating for maximum radiant heat build is a particularly difficult situation for wood products.

After 3.5 years, Accoya wood was found to outperform the competing cladding boards in a number of ways – showing excellent coating performance. Pine cladding boards showed severe levels of fissuring, resin exudation, end fissuring, paint peeling over fissures, shelling,surface checking and board distortion; whilst Siberian Larch was found to have extensive surface checking and burst resin pockets.

Accoya wood, however, had a flat surface with no grain raising, virtually no shelling, cracking, checking or fissuring. External dirt was easily cleaned off revealing a sound clean surface with no coating issues.

This harsh test proves that Accoya wood has superior coating performance compared to many competing materials.

Though BS EN350-2 does not strictly speaking apply to modified timbers such as Accoya, the BRE have made an assessment that the durability class 1 rating achieved by Accoya wood in trials is equivalent to class 1 of natural timbers. Therefore service life statements attributed in BS 8417 are applicable to Accoya wood.   Under BS 8417, only cladding made from timbers of durability class 1 are suitable for situations where there is a desired service life of 60 years.

Accoya_Performance Graph_AW_RGB_Durability

10 Year Accoya Cladding Projects

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