Timber bay windows

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Accoya bay windows

Add that extra touch

Enjoy your outside space with bespoke and made to measure timber bay windows. Made by leading joiners all around the UK & Ireland.

From simple to complex designs Accoya bay windows allow you to enjoy panoramic views for years to come.

With a range of custom designs and factory finishes Accoya’s stability and durability benefits outweigh the competition.


Coatings look brilliant and last longer on Accoya wood bay windows.


Accoya timber bay windows are easy and hassle-free, saving time and money for the long-term.


You can achieve the look you want for your Accoya bay windows with a wide range of finishes.



Bespoke sizes and options are available for Accoya bay windows giving you ultimate creative freedom to complete your project.

What is a Bay window?

What is a Bay window?

Bay windows are shaped to protrude from buildings increasing the amount of light entering a room and also creating additional space.

A traditional design is a large central picture window and then two smaller windows on either side that are angled to connect the central window to the building. Bay windows can have more panes and also different shapes like an arc or rectangle.

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Accoya wood replaces PVC

Case Study

Accoya wood replaces PVC

Homeowners of this property in the Midlands decided it was time to replace their bay windows.

Originally PVC windows were installed but when it was time to replace the windows Accoya wood was selected as the material for the new windows.

“No other timber will perform the same way Accoya will, we have full confidence that they will look just as good in years to come” Midland Joinery Services.

Coatings & Finishes

A fully factory coating is strongly recommended for Accoya casement windows. A variety of colours and finishes have been tested by leading coating manufacturers with outstanding results. Some examples can be seen below but the possibilities are endless.

UK tried and tested

UK tried and tested

Over the past two decades, Accoya wood has been tested extensively by accredited bodies. Their reports showcase the excellent performance and outstanding benefits of Accoya wood and, in particular, Accoya wooden windows.

For more information and to see the testing reports, head to our windows page.

Edwardian replica bay windows

case study

Edwardian replica bay windows

Homeowners of this particular property were unhappy with their original bay windows as they allowed draught to enter their home. This not only made their house very cold during winter months but was also not energy-efficient or environmentally considerate. They wanted to improve this without impacting history and changing the characteristics of the property, a dilemma of historic versus comfort.

Accoya approved manufacturers, Tony Birch Ltd, produced two near-perfect replica bay windows. Using Accoya which is thermally efficient, sustainable and great to work with, the team at Tony Birch has solved the homeowners dilemma. The new windows exceed modern building regulations, whilst achieving the traditional look, something that is not easy to achieve as high-performance windows usually require large timber sections.

Window styles

Accoya wood is very versatile, ideal for many different types of windows to suit any home.

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