Wooden Brise Soleil

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Accoya louvres

Care and maintenance made easy

The beauty of specifying high performance, sustainable timber, means that dimensional stability, durability, strength and low maintenance properties make Accoya well suited for application in brise soleil, shutters, louvres and shade screens.

The easy machinability of Accoya wood ensures that brise soleil design can be manufactured in a wide range of geometries, enabling architects to create unique designs for every project.

Wooden louvres, residential or commercial are a great addition to any building, adding style and function in shading from the sun.

To specify Accoya brise soleil in your next project, head to our Architect Zone to learn more.

Bespoke options

Different thicknesses of Accoya wood and techniques such as finger jointing and lamination make Accoya Brise Soleil design possible in a wide variation of sizes.

Highly stable

Accoya wood is exceptionally stable with minimal shrink and swell. You can be confident that Accoya Louvres will stay looking fantastic for years to come.

Low maintenance

Often installed at height making them difficult to maintain. Accoya wood is the material of choice for the low maintenance solution.

Sustainably sourced

Accoya wood is FSC® certified, 100% recyclable and non-toxic meaning you can choose a material that is kind to the Earth and high-performance.

What is a Brise Soleil?

What is a Brise Soleil?

Brise soleil (also known as louvres) is an external feature of a building that acts as solar shading and can be manufactured from a range of materials including wood.

This type of façade allows air to flow through to the building which in some cases is necessary and in others is just aesthetic and can visibly conceal unsightly or private buildings.

Timber is a popular choice as it is the most sustainable solution compared to man made, polluting materials. Using wood allows for the timber louvres to be made to specification, giving architects the design freedom for bespoke or custom design. Horizontal, vertical or a patterned design, moving or non moving parts are all an option when designing with wood.

Sun shading can also be created using a brise soleil canopy. This will extend from the building, providing shade to the floor below, often a patio or terrace. An example of this can be seen here.

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Accoya brise soleil for Scottish Widows

Case Study

Accoya brise soleil for Scottish Widows

1,060 Accoya wood shutters were used in combination with glass fins and Matrix XL Brise Soleil to prevent excessive solar heat gain within the building.

Accoya wood was chosen for its structural stability, durability and because it is sustainably sourced. Levolux was able to offer a 10 year warranty for the finish and a life expectancy of 60 years.


A variety of colours and coatings can be implemented on Accoya cladding. Let yourself be inspired by a few examples.



Over the past two decades, Accoya wood has been tested extensively by 3rd parties. Their reports showcase the excellent performance and outstanding benefits of Accoya wood, and, in particular, Accoya façades.

For more information, head to our cladding page.

To specify Accoya brise soleil in your next project, head to our Architect Zone to learn more.

Royal Arena louvres, Copenhagen

Case Study

Royal Arena louvres, Copenhagen

Specified by Danish Architecture firm 3XN, roughly 250 cubic metres of Accoya was used to create the entire façade of the arena.

Accoya was selected for the timber louvres due to its elegant aesthetic appearance which gives the building an eye-catching and bespoke style.

The arena is able to seat 12,500 people with additional capacity for 15,000 standing.

Cladding Applications

Accoya cladding is very versatile, discover some additional uses here.

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