Wooden Window Shutters

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Shutters and timber blinds

Be inspired with Accoya made to last

Wooden window shutters can transform the look of a building whether you are aiming for a traditional or modern design. Shutters are effective controls on the solar energy absorbed by buildings which avoids the need for energy hungry air conditioning which has huge environmental benefits. As a result wooden window shutters are a common feature of modern, environmentally sound commercial buildings. Using the right materials with low maintenance are, however, key. To prevent excessive solar gain, Accoya timber window shutters or blinds are a perfect combination to complete your project. Not only can they be made to last with Accoya but they can retain their natural beauty for longer.

Highly durable

Recognised for its Class 1 durability outdoors, Accoya wooden window shutters and blinds, unlike other species, has exceptional durability and stability.

Highly stable

Laboratory tests have shown that Accoya timber window shutters and blinds has a much greater dimensional stability than other species.

Low maintenance

Much less time, money and hassle will be spent on the upkeep of your Accoya shutters and blinds.

Ideal for coating

Long lasting coatings keep your Accoya shutters and blinds looking pristine for longer.

Window shutters in Menorca

Case Study

Window shutters in Menorca

Accoya wooden shutters were used throughout this stunning home designed by Brunet Arquitectes.

Manufactured by Grup Orell Accoya was chosen as it provides consistent quality, meaning it won’t warp or noticeably swell, like other wooden shutters. Distributed by Elaborados y Fabricados Gámiz 5m3 of Accoya was used throughout the project, finished with a Teka coloured water varnish.

Grup Orell also specified Accoya as the wood fits perfectly with the high quality, thermally insulating and energy efficient messaging the company believe so strongly in.

Coatings & Finishes

A fully factory coating is strongly recommended for Accoya wooden window shutters and blinds. A variety of colours and finishes have been tested by leading coating manufacturers with outstanding results. Some examples can be seen below but the possibilities are endless.

UK tried and tested

UK tried and tested

Over the past two decades, Accoya wood has been tested extensively by accredited bodies. Their reports showcase the excellent performance and outstanding benefits of Accoya wood and, in particular, Accoya wooden windows.

For more information and to see the testing reports, head to our windows page.

Accoya blinds in Sydney

Case Study

Accoya blinds in Sydney

The Ernst and Young centre is part of a new breed of “smart” buildings designed to be organic and responsive to its workforce. Having been awarded a 6 star green rating the building has become one of Australia’s most sustainable buildings. The $600 million green building with a 37-floor tower, spanning 39,200 square metres was developed by Mirvac, and will be home to global accountancy firm EY for the next decade.

In keeping with the sustainable theme, all the blinds throughout the building were made using Accoya wood with a mfree-SCCF system from the Permasteelisa Group. As one of the country’s first fully LED lit buildings all the Accoya blinds are automatic – adjusting throughout the day based on the influx of light. The blinds were developed alongside a triple-glazed façade design ensuring there’s plenty of natural light coming into the building.

Window styles

Accoya wood is very versatile, ideal for many different types of windows to suit any home.

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Where to buy Accoya wooden shutters and blinds.

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