Chagford Old Rectory


United Kingdom

Reliable beauty

Reliable beauty

Devon-based joiners, Nathan McCarter, completed this Dartmoor restoration project in 2018. The owners of the Chagford Old Rectory decided it was time to replace their windows and french doors. Over the years they have been repaired and maintained but the original windows, now over 130 years old, were unsalvageable. The original wooden windows were so severely weathered they had rotted beyond repair.

To retain the original aesthetic of the property but far improve the durability of the windows, the homeowners chose Accoya wood as the replacement material. Opting for wood allowed for a more authentic style which could be handcrafted. Some of the windows were unusual sizes, so bespoke windows were a necessity. Accoya wood was chosen for its durability, stability and sustainability, alongside its low maintenance properties.

Nathan McCarter joinery has been expertly crafting bespoke window solutions for years, so the 30 windows and set of double French doors to replace was no daunting task. Efforts are made to use Accoya for all their joinery due to Accoya’s superior qualities.

To complete the job, Nathan McCarter applied a white Sikkens coating, using RAL colour-matched and spray-painted for deep weather protection.


Applications used in this project:Doors Doors Windows Windows

“We get much less wastage when using Accoya wood, very rarely do we have lengths that are unusable and Accoya is lighter in weight than hardwoods, so makes carrying and fitting easier!”


Tom Sherrell – Office Manager

Project Statistics

Project Statistics

Manufacturer: Nathan McCarter Joinery


Coating: White Sikkens


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