SILT Casino with Accoya wood at coast in Belgium (c) Stefan Steenkiste

SILT: A Sustainable Statement On The Coast With Accoya Wood



Accoya wood in coastal areas: perfect combination of performance and sustainability

Accoya wood in coastal areas: perfect combination of performance and sustainability

In the global search for more sustainable construction methods and renewable resources, Accoya, a pioneer in wood processing, is setting new standards. With the unique wooden product, it offers an unparalleled combination of performance, sustainability and aesthetics. An outstanding example of this is the recently realized SILT project on the coast of Middelkerke, Belgium. In collaboration with the construction company HESS TIMBER, an impressive building with a hotel and casino was created, which impresses with its Accoya wooden facade. This structure, visible along the entire coastline from East End to West End, demonstrates the remarkable ability of Accoya wood to withstand the extreme conditions of the coastal area while promoting aesthetic and sustainable construction methods. SILT’s aesthetic wooden façade creates a harmonious connection between architecture and nature, and the elegant design, reminiscent of a harbor bolder, integrates perfectly into the coastal landscape.

Image rights: Cover image – ©Stefan Steenkiste, image left and below – ©Senne Das/Medialife

Applications used in this project:Holzfassade Holzfassade

Project Details

Project Details

  • Location: Middelkerke
  • Belgium Size: 39,200 m²
  • Material: 3,060 m long Accoya wooden beams
  • Architects: ZJA, OZ, DELVA and Bureau Bouwtechniek Construction companies: Furnibo and Democo Specialists in wooden constructions: HESS TIMBER
  • Manufacture of the parts: Manufactured by HASSLACHER Holzbauteile Installation: Arwo Bouw was involved in the installation


  • Construction time: Completion within one year
  • Challenges: Complex geometry, limited work space, corrosion resistance near the sea
  • Height of the building: 25 meters
  • Inspiration: Design is reminiscent of Hafenbolder, used for docking ships
  • Number of wooden parts: 1314 components made from 115 m³ of laminated wood
  • Corrosion protection: Use of corrosion-resistant stainless steel for connectors


  • Image rights: ©Stefan Steenkiste, ©Senne Das/Medialife and ©Democo Group
 Why Accoya was the best choice for this project

Why Accoya was the best choice for this project

Accoya wood was the optimal choice for the SILT project because it offers unrivaled longevity and durability, ideal for coastal use. Accoya wood is extremely resistant to salt and moisture, as evidenced by a durability class 1 and a guarantee of up to 50 years for non-ground applications. The wood is modified using a patented acetylation process that improves its natural properties so that it absorbs less water, shrinks and swells less, and is more resistant to rot and pest infestation. Additionally, Accoya wood is FSC® and Cradle to Cradle™ Gold certified, making it an eco-friendly choice. The entire production process is designed for sustainability and no toxic chemicals are added. The efficient design was supported by the light weight of the Accoya components, which facilitated transport and installation in the confined site conditions. Prefabrication of the parts enabled quick and efficient assembly, allowing the project to be completed within a year.

Image rights: Image left – ©Democo Group


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