Endurance Joinery greenhouse

Sunk Island, East Yorkshire

United Kingdom

Low maintenance lifestyle

Low maintenance lifestyle

This large L-shaped greenhouse for homeowners located in East Yorkshire was manufactured, supplied and installed by Accoya approved manufacturers, Endurance Joinery. They sourced the Accoya wood from well-known distributors, James Latham; 186 linear metres of 100 x 50 and 104 linear metres of 150 x 50.

The homeowners selected Accoya wood for a number of reasons. Primarily on the recommendation of Endurance Joinery, as they believe it is the best material for external joinery. Endurance use Accoya for its rigidity, strength, and longevity.

“It’s nice timber to machine and I personally have an interest in it being so environmentally friendly as a product – preserving the hardwood forests around the world.  The offcuts also make great kindling in the winter for my fire (not so planet-friendly having a wood burner, but I do live in the rural county of East Yorkshire)”.

“Wherever possible we will always steer our clients towards Accoya – yes, more expensive at the outset, but the returns are soon gained over the years, both in reduced maintenance and also savings on heating when used in conjunction with the likes of Planitherm Total plus or K-Glass glazing units” Gail, Endurance Joinery.

Finishing touches

Finishing touches

The other reason for choosing Accoya wood for their greenhouse is the homeowners were already aware of the material. They had previously worked with Endurance Joinery to manufacture their kitchen and a replacement listed window – both completed in Accoya. The major benefit being the low maintenance required for such a structure – imagine having to recoat the greenhouse each summer!

The natural vanilla colour of Accoya wood was maintained in this project by applying a fully factory finish in Omnia clear satin lacquer. This helps to further protect the wood from the versatile English weather but will allow the wood to weather naturally over time.

Other finishing elements for the greenhouse include:

  • Exitex Capex and Cressex and joinery & glazing seals.
  • Door & window fittings in Padstow forged steel by Stonebridge.
  • Automatic vents by Bayliss.
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