10 Modern Wood Siding Ideas

Options to set your home siding ideas apart from the rest.


Think of it as a good-looking coat.

Think of it as a good-looking coat.

The primary purpose of your home’s exterior siding is to keep the weather out, and protect your home from wind, rain, sleet and snow, heat and cold. But protection should still be attractive; your siding can still look good whilst its benefits are working hard.

Performance criteria

Siding performance is key. No one wants to wear a raincoat that leaks, and your house is no different. Look for siding with these six qualities:

  1. Beautiful – almost goes without saying
  2. Durable – it should last for decades
  3. Easy to maintain – no one wants to spend their time repainting and staining
  4. Resistant – able to stand up to rot, decay, and insect damage
  5. Dimensionally stable –  won’t warp or twist
  6. Warranty – that will protect you for decades

It’s not easy to find a product that meets all these criteria, but one great option is Accoya. Accoya siding provides sleek, modern protection.

Accoya is one of the hottest wood siding products on the market. Made using natural wood, Accoya is FSC® certified, made from responsibly harvested wood. Accoya is also non-toxic and contains no harmful chemicals, which leaves your home feeling and looking good.

10 Modern Exterior Wood Siding Ideas Using Accoya

Home siding ideas

10 Modern Exterior Wood Siding Ideas Using Accoya

One of the beautiful things about modern architecture is that you don’t have to follow any rules.

1. Mix your siding materials

Accoya siding blends beautifully with other modern materials like concrete, stone and metal. And, because Accoya does not warp, cup or twist, your edges will always remain flat, smooth and true.

2. Go for the natural look, which has a definite modern vibe

Accoya can be left to weather naturally, leaving you with a lovely silver finish.

3. Or, use bold colors

Accoya readily accepts coatings like paint and stain. You can choose light or dark, white or black, and everything in between to coat your siding.

4. Go exotic with Shou Sugi Ban

Shou Sugi Ban is a popular trend in wood siding is really hot now, particularly for modern home designs. This traditional Japanese technique of charring wood makes it more durable and gives the siding a unique black color and burned texture for a long-lasting finish.

5. Vary the siding orientation

You can install your siding vertically, horizontally, and even in patterns – all on the same home. And, because it is natural wood, Accoya is easy to work with.

6. Mix siding styles

The exciting part is that there are no rules. You can combine traditional narrow horizontal lap siding mixed with wider vertical boards. Accoya comes in a variety of board widths, and it’s dimensionally stable, so joints stay smooth.

7. Mix textures

Most people underestimate the impact that texture can have on a home’s siding. Mix rustic, natural wood with charred boards, smooth metal panels or stucco for a signature, modern vibe.

8. Vary dimension

Another technique is to create shadows by alternating board thicknesses. You can even put some boards flat and others on edge to create interesting shadows.

9. Mix things up at the ends

This technique, used instead of corner boards, leaves a decidedly modern feel.

10. Sharpen your corners

Accoya can be fabricated to create knife edges that will perform well and stay sharp over time.

The Sky’s the Limit

The beautiful thing is that there are no rules for modern home design. Accoya gives you the flexibility to do almost anything you want with your home’s exterior. You can be creative, but then you can sit back and relax, knowing that you home will be protected for decades while still looking good.

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