Shou sugi ban charred Accoya cladding chosen for Mistral Restaurant


United States of America

Charred look and feel

Charred look and feel

Manufactured by reSAWN Timber, Accoya cladding was selected as the ideal material for the Mistral restaurant at the King of Prussia mall in Philadelphia.

Accoya was chosen for the project by Eimer Design due to its durability, FSC® certification, and extended product life cycle.

Additionally, Accoya proved a great visual choice as the the shou-sugi-ban exterior siding creates an eye-catching impact thanks to the way it stands out from the rest of the mall’s neutral coloured façade.

Accoya cladding:
Burnt on face only, sealed face & back.
3/4” thick x 5-3/4” wide.

Applications used in this project:Cladding Cladding

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