Private residence selects Accoya wood for a unique BBQ terrace

Distributed by Tecade, Accoya wood was selected as the ideal material for a bespoke BBQ terrace in Brasov, Romania. Accoya was recommended by Tecade for use in the construction of the terrace, which needed to be aesthetically pleasing as well as highly durable in order to withstand the country’s extreme climate. Tecade also specified Accoya to ensure the terrace would sit sympathetically within its natural surroundings.

Designed by Architect Stefan Vlad from Singleart Design and Architecture, 5mof Accoya was chosen thanks to its durability and 50 year guarantee. The client also selected Accoya as it is a low maintenance wood. For this project, the Accoya facades were left uncoated as the client preferred the aesthetic appearance of Accoya in its natural form.

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