The Cevian Design Labs choose Accoya interior siding

Rome, Georgia

United States of America

Accoya was selected for the interior siding of the Cevian Design Lab in Rome, Georgia, USA. 2,500 square feet of Accoya siding (Delta Millworks product: Hand Hewn Gator) was chosen for the high density and resilient char possible on Accoya. The dimensional stability of the boards ensures they remain true and in line through the fluctuations due to A/C being on and off.

Constructed by Pennant Construction Management inc., Accoya was used to bring a unique and striking look to the office space. The Hand Hewn Gator process results in a thicker layer of char on the surface board which serves as a natural barrier to the sun and is reminiscent of the primordial Japanese Shou Sugi Ban appearance. When applied to Accoya there is a wide range of exterior and interior application opportunities. For the Cevian Design Lab, the Accoya siding was left with only one clear coat of Delta’s interior clear grade.


Applications used in this project:Siding Siding


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