Family Guest House

Portsea, VIC


5 levels of guest accomodations

5 levels of guest accomodations

This striking property was designed to accommodate the homeowners extended family coming to stay. Due to the layout of the existing home, including the swimming pool, tennis court and driveway, the guest house had a relatively small plot to work with. Despite this, Mitsuori Architects cleverly designed accommodation over 5 split levels, meeting the request for 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and living space.

Built as one rectangular shape and covered with weathered Accoya siding, this property makes a statement, whilst using natural and sustainable materials.

The door frames, window frames and custom automated louvres are also built using Accoya wood. Another well-designed element, allowing light to flow into the property and providing shading from the Australian sunshine when needed. Not to mention, helping to protect the windows themselves whilst tennis is in-play.

On the top level, the guest house even features a rooftop terrace, complete with wooden decking. Accoya wood is used throughout the property, also including the external handrails and custom 8 meter wide garage door.Builder: Malford Constructions

Photographer: Michael Kai Photography

Applications used in this project:Decking Decking Siding Siding Windows Windows Doors Doors

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