Bespoke Accoya wood kitchen brings performance outside

Vancouver Island


Bringing the indoors, outdoors

Bringing the indoors, outdoors

Vancouver Island, Canada

Accoya wood has endless possibilities from indoor to outdoor use. Oak Hills Woodcraft saw the potential in using Accoya due to its high performance benefits.


When durability and performance must face the weather on the west coast of Canada, Accoya has a warranty against rot for 50 years. Traditionally made from stone, steel or polymers in order to survive the weather, wood was an unimaginable choice until now.


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“Now everybody who walks into our showroom always first stops at our outdoor kitchen and they can’t believe it’s wood. Now we’ve figured out Accoya, we are very happy with the end result!”

Oak Hills Architecture, Canada

Project Statistics

Project Statistics


Year: 2018


Distributor: Upper Canada Forest Products


Manufacturer/Installer: Oak Hills Woodcraft – Doors by Ostrov Doors

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