Oodi National Library



The best new public library in the world

The best new public library in the world

Accoya wood brings both beauty and sustainability to this national library. Accoya is wood that breaks expectations. Accoya wood encompasses the new 1100m² rooftop deck at the new National Library in Helsinki. The beautiful finish is coated and long lasting because the substrate is Accoya.


The deck is banked at both ends adding significant outdoor space to the new meeting space. The superior dimensional stability and durability of the Accoya wood mean that the deck is able to withstand the harsh winter climate in Helsinki, when temperatures plummet the deck will remain stable and looking great through the seasons.


The deck has spectacular views of Helsinki, providing a new significantly large outdoor space for the public. Using Accoya this lifelong investment is low maintenance, allowing everyone to enjoy the space for years to come.


The Helsinki Central Library known as Oodi was chosen as the best new public library in the world. Accoya makes an attractive feature to this project that does not compromise on performance.

Applications used in this project:Decking Decking

Accoya deck, wooden deck
Project Statistics

Project Statistics


Year: 2019


Location: Helsinki, Finland


Application: 1100m2 Accoya Decking


Coating: Teknos Woodex Aqua Woodoil


Fixings: Fixinggroup LIGO N

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