Matinkylä’s new swimming pool



Sustainable leisure centre

Sustainable leisure centre

Located in Espoo next to the Iso Omena Shopping Center and Hotel Matts is the new Matinkylä’s leisure center which has used Accoya wood extensively externally and internally.

The building was based on climate friendly solutions and designed by architect Lehto Peltonen Valkama.

The materials chosen needed to have long life spans, making Accoya the ideal choice. The building also has geothermal heating and 222 solar panels on the roof.

The plot of land reserved for the leisure center is fairly small in comparison to the facilities desired but with ingenuity and multi-level design, a spacious entrance hall, café, fitness area and indoor swimming pool were included.

The sloping land was utilized and the height difference between the southern and northern ends of the plot is about 3 meters.

Applications used in this project:Siding Siding

Accoya is the wood of choice

Accoya is the wood of choice

The entire building is wrapped in Accoya wooden siding including the roof and on the east and west sides of the building wooden vertical lamellas are installed to reduce the thermal and glare effect of direct sunlight coming into the building. Outside the building entrance there is also a large Accoya bench seat.

Inside the swimming pool area, the ceiling and the upper parts of the walls feature Accoya wooden slats. These will be constantly exposed to the moisture of the swimming pool but will not be affected and will remain extremely stable.

All Accoya was manufacture and installed by approved supplier, Novenberg and has been left uncoated. Externally overtime it will turn grey from the exposure to sunlight and other weather. Internally it will remain vanilla.

Contractor: Lujatalo

Architect: Lehto Peltonen Valkama

Manufacturer: Novenberg

Opened to the public: April 4th,2022

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