Green Accoya guitar, Frank Brothers Accoya guitar

Luthiers Frank Brothers Guitars custom build Accoya guitar



Bring your vision to life

Bring your vision to life

Aside from the classic Accoya applications of windows, doors, decking and cladding a testament to the versatility of Accoya wood, is when we discover exciting projects in less common applications. An Accoya guitar, has recently been handbuilt by Toronto based Frank Brothers Guitars.


Frank Brothers Guitars liked the idea of experimenting with a wood that is non-typical in the guitar world.  Accoya was a selected for its stability and strength properties with outstanding results. Accoya also machines well on CNC, sands easily and has a nice finish. All good features that makes Frank Brothers want to use Accoya again.


Accoya was used for every wood element of the guitar with the exception of the fretboard and headstock face. A specific varnish, especially for guitars, was applied to the entire guitar. The top is a Gloss Metallic Green, and the neck, back, and sides are toned in Vintage Walnut with a satin topcoat.


It also sounds great! The guitar has great clarity, sustain and low-end definition. Overall Accoya has a musical quality that is unique but compelling!


Accoya is a great alternative to less sustainable tropical hardwoods, so being an option in musical instruments, famed for their use of rare tonal woods, can only be a good thing for the future sustainability of the music industry.

Architect: Frank Brothers Guitars

Supplier: Upper Canada Forest Products


Applications used in this project:Inspiration Inspiration

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