Accoya Slats Bring Life to Front Entrance in Seattle

Exposition Heights

Seattle, Washington

United States

Growing pains lead to a durable solution

Growing pains lead to a durable solution

In their quest to address the challenges posed by a growing family and a limited space on a small lot, this family of four embarked on a remarkable journey of expansion. Their desire to remain in their cherished neighborhood drove them to find innovative solutions and maximize the vertical potential of their property.

Exposition Heights is an impressive project that showcases the complete transformation of a Seattle split-level house into a stunning two-story modern gable home. Despite working within a tight budget, the comprehensive remodel successfully increased the square footage of the original 1960s home by nearly double. This remarkable renovation not only addressed the challenges posed by urban density but also served as a testament to the adaptability of older homes to meet the evolving needs of their owners.

Transforming a 1960 Bungalow into a Striking Two-Story Modern Gable Home with Accoya

Transforming a 1960 Bungalow into a Striking Two-Story Modern Gable Home with Accoya

The first step was a meticulous redesign of the main floor. A second level was then introduced to expand the living area and accommodate the evolving needs of the homeowners, which is where Accoya wood became an integral part of the home’s exterior facade. The worn exterior finishes were revitalized, with Accoya wood bringing a touch of sophistication and natural charm to the design. Its exceptional durability and resistance to weathering ensured that the home would retain its beauty for years to come.

Furthermore, attention was paid to the basement entrance, ensuring it no longer dominated the street view. By redesigning its placement and prominence, a more harmonious integration of the home into the surrounding environment was achieved, with Accoya wood elements seamlessly blending with the overall design.

The project involved a careful balance of preserving the existing structure’s integrity while introducing contemporary elements and design principles, showcasing the versatility and elegance of Accoya wood. By capitalizing on the original framework and optimizing its functionality, the modest bungalow was transformed into a stunning two-story modern gable home, where the enduring beauty of Accoya wood stands as a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Architecture: Floisand Studio

Photography: Sam Arellano

Structural Engineer: Swenson Say Faget

Contractor: Plum Projects LLC

Press: PNW ST 2022 Spring Home Design

Press: AEC Cafe

Featured Editor’s Pick: ArchDailyArchitizerContemporist Archello

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