Accoya Sculpture in Colorado

Ouray, Colorado

United States

The Rise of The

The Rise of The “Crescendo” Series

Award winning artist Cie Hoover created the first of many inspirational sculptures out of Accoya wood.

In 2020, Cie had a wood-based sculpture titled “Balance in the Fray” permanently installed in a covered setting in the town of Alamosa, Colorado. From there, he wanted to continue to explore the realm of public art and set out on a quest to find a wood suitable for outdoor installations…and thus came across Accoya.

“Crescendo” stands at roughly nine feet tall and is now installed in the town of Fraser, Colorado. (Photo shown is from a temporary installation of the sculpture for Telluride Art + Architecture in July of 2022).

A second, even larger version of the sculpture is currently being created, and will permanently reside in the town of Ridgway, Colorado.

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“Art can be expensive and is not always accessible to many individuals…this is why public art is so important. It allows art to be accessible to EVERYONE. It allows people to come together, to contemplate, and to be inspired. Not only this, but I believe public art plays a profound role in helping to shape a community’s identity, and is an impactful way to showcase a community’s civic pride.

That all said, communities interested in public art have long been skeptical about the durability and longevity of wood-based public art. Still, I wanted to stay true to my craft and continue to delve into the public art arena. Through a lot of research, I came across Accoya and was immediately intrigued about the product. Along with its incredible warranty, I was even more happy to learn about Accoya’s commitment to sustainability and creating a green-friendly product. It has been a great product to work with, and I look forward to creating more public art for everyone to enjoy.” – Cie Hoover

Accoya Transforms into Art

Accoya Transforms into Art

“Crescendo”, as its name implies, aims to convey an uplift both physically and mentally for viewers. It is intended to be abstract and contemplative…beckoning viewers to absorb and reflect on it from all angles.

The spiral is comprised of layered variations of Cie’s “branches” theme with an abstract sculpture residing at the crest. The base pedestal is a work of art in its own right. Imbued with depth and texture, the cladding along the sides of the pedestal conveys a sense of abstract cliffs, icicles and mountains…or perhaps something else altogether depending on the viewer.

The sculpture was finished with PPG’s Proluxe Cetol Stain. The durability of Accoya wood allows it to stand up to extreme weather exposure, which makes it suitable for an outdoor setting.

About the Artist

About the Artist

Artist, musician, husband. Cie Hoover lives and creates his art in Ouray, Colorado. In addition to performing alongside his wife Karisa in the folk-rock duo You Knew Me When, Cie has always had a passion for the visual arts. After working in the Nashville music industry for over a decade, and then touring full-time for six and a half years throughout North America with You Knew Me When, Cie rekindled his love of the visual arts living amongst the San Juan Mountains

Cie’s art has grown in recognition since receiving the Mayor’s Choice Award at the Inaugural 610 Arts Collective Regional Arts Exhibition back in April of 2019. Since that time he has continued to explore woodworking as a creative and artistic medium.

After buying and remodeling an old 1898 mining house in Ouray, CO, Cie discovered the versatility of wood as an art medium and began transforming his garage into his woodworking studio. The majority of Cie’s work is based on and inspired by the San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado. After creating a “wood canvas” Cie utilizes various routers, saws, and stains to create his artwork. A number of his works also incorporate the use of sound waves as an artistic element and subtle dictation of what the work embodies. Learn more about Cie Creative.

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