Haaks Campers chose Accoya wood

Who wants to drive around in a plastic box on wheels? Surely there is something more beautiful and better?

You camp because you want to enjoy nature. Wouldn’t you rather do this in a camper made of natural materials?

With this in mind, the Haaks Opperland motorhome was created.

Accoya was the perfect product for these motorhomes due to the low weight, long life and stability of the wood in various climatic conditions. The Accoya strips on the outside are sawn and planed back to strips of 94mm by 4mm. These are glued to Medite Tricoya Extreme sheet material from which strips of 95.5mm were first milled. The Accoya wood is oiled to maintain the look of “new wood”.

In addition to Campers, Accoya is also used in the Nano Houses. As a result, comfortable accommodation is built that is very low maintenance and made to last a lifetime.

Accoya was delivered via Houthandel representatives from Heesch and production of the camper was done by Haaks Campers and Nano-Houses


“The construction of the Opperland is produced on the basis of 3-d models with a CNC milling machine. The challenge was to find a material that still produces a traditional result with high-tech machining. Accoya and Medite Tricoya Extreme prove to be the perfect combination.”

Pim Gijsbers co-founder of Haaks Campers.

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