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Accoya siding

Brilliance for generations to come

Your exterior wood siding needs to weather any storm, in style. We know that aesthetics, low maintenance and durability are crucial. What you may not know is that Accoya out-performs even the most durable tropical hardwood siding.

By combining superior stability and durability with the beauty of natural wood, you can achieve the look and the performance you want from your timber siding. Not to mention Accoya’s world-leading sustainability credentials.

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Accoya wood has an industry-leading warranty, giving you peace of mind and complete confidence for your beautiful Accoya siding.

Ideal for Coating

Ideal for Coating

Stay true to your vision with a range of finishes, including Shou Sugi Ban and custom board sizes and fixings. Left untreated, your exterior wood siding will weather naturally. But if you’d prefer to coat it, Accoya siding makes the ultimate surface.

Highly Stable

Resistant to rotting, Accoya siding is likely to stay free of any visible distortion over its lifetime. A cost-effective choice for lasting performance.

Sustainably Sourced

Now you can meet the most demanding of planning requirements. Accoya wood siding is 100% non toxic and contains no biocides or harmful chemicals. Each siding panel is made from FSC® certified timber that’s fully sustainable.

Accoya Siding Performance

Accoya siding is made of FSC® certified wood and has numerous advantages: lasting performance, beautiful aesthetic and the clear conscience that you have used a sustainable material.

Key benefit Accoya Larch Western Red Cedar Oak VG* Western Red Cedar
Lifespan ✓✓✓ ✓✓ ✓(✓) ✓✓
Warranty ✓✓✓ N/A N/A N/A N/A
Coatings performance ✓✓✓ ✓✓ ✓✓
Stability ✓✓✓ ✓✓
Table shows comparison between properties of Accoya wood and other siding types. *VG = Vertical Grain

Siding Applications

Accoya siding is very versatile, discover some additional uses here.

Testing by BM Trada

Testing by BM Trada


Leading timber research institute, BM Trada, tested Accoya stability against other widely used siding materials by cyclic exposure of coated boards to wet and ambient conditions.

BM Trada found that Accoya has exceptional stability and using Accoya siding boards externally could increase from standard 150mm wide profiles to 200mm. This highlights the design flexibility and superior performance of Accoya compared to western red cedar, larch and thermally modified pine.

Coatings performance

BM Trada was also commissioned for a series of exposure trials starting in February 2007 in Buckinghamshire, England. The trials used the same translucent black coating for maximum radiant heat build and tested resistance to natural weathering and splitting of Accoya siding board’s compared to pine and Siberian larch.

After 3.5 years, Accoya was found to outperform in a number of ways. Pine siding showed severe levels of fissuring, resin exudation, end fissuring, paint peeling over fissures, shelling, surface checking and board distortion; whilst Siberian larch had extensive surface checking and burst resin pockets.

Accoya had a flat surface with no grain raising, virtually no shelling, cracking, checking or fissuring. External dirt was easily cleaned off revealing a sound clean surface with no coating issues. Proving Accoya has superior coating performance compared to many competing materials.

Assessed by BRE

Assessed by BRE


BS EN350-2 does not apply to modified timbers such as Accoya, however, in a BRE assessment Accoya achieved durability class 1 rating equivalent to class 1 of natural timbers. Therefore service life statements attributed in BS 8417 are applicable to Accoya wood. Under BS 8417, only cladding made from timbers of durability class 1 are suitable for situations where there is a desired service life of 60 years.

To specify Accoya siding in your next project, head to our Architect Zone to learn more.

Coatings & Finishes

A variety of colors and coatings can be implemented on Accoya siding. Let yourself be inspired by a few examples.

Dillon Kyle Architects office building

Case study

Dillon Kyle Architects office building

Gives the wow factor with Accoya

Over the years, the Houston Museum District located in the Montrose neighbourhood has morphed from a residential area into a lively art district, home to art galleries, museums, and aesthetically distinct buildings. When Dillon Kyle Architects set out to design their new office space across the street from the Houston Center for Photography, they needed creative solutions to fit a 5,000 square foot building plus parking on the lot’s small unique space.

An abstract leaf-like pattern was carved into 2,500 eight-foot long by eight-inches tall and 11/16-inches in depth with Accoya wood boards wrapping the entire building. The leaf pattern serves as a gentle reference to the live oak trees that line the neighbourhood. The rainscreen was made of G80 galvanized steel sheets offset from the building with the Accoya leaf boards attached to it.

Accoya wood siding for new respite center in Oregon

Case study

Accoya wood siding for new respite center in Oregon

Selected as the material of choice

PeaceHealth and Ronald McDonald House Charities have built a new respite facility, the ‘Heartfelt House’ featuring Accoya wood for its exterior siding. Located in Oregon, the house provides accommodation for families of loved ones being treated at the Sacred Heart Medical Center, RiverBend. The project completed in May 2019.

The ambition was to provide a more homely feel for guests who have spent long days at the hospital, creating a warm and welcoming environment and connecting them with nature. 2fORM Architecture chose Accoya for the exterior facade to help meet these goals.

Research has shown that exposure to natural materials such as wood rather than today’s common concrete, metals and plastic, can help to promote wellbeing. Accoya being grown in FSC certified and sustainable forests, is Cradle to Cradle Certified Platinum for material health, combining these features with the outstanding performance made Accoya wood the natural choice for the project.

The Accoya siding was manufactured and installed by Tall Pine Contractors. They coated it with Sansin Precision Coat SDF in a custom tint. Sansin finishes are well suited for Accoya, helping to create a warm, beautiful aesthetic.

ARCHITECT: 2fORM Architecture

MANUFACTURER: Tall Pine Contractors


COATING: Sansin Precision Coat SDF – Custom tint

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