Landscape Timber Ideas for a Natural Appearance

Are you looking for natural hardscape materials to add structure or a framework for your landscaping projects? Consider wood. Naturally sustainable, wood is a versatile material with a small carbon footprint compared to other materials like concrete, stone, and metal. Whether restoring a garden area or starting a new project, timber is an excellent choice that adds beauty, warmth, and endless options to hardscape designs. Here are some of our favorite landscape features that are ideal for using wood:


Top 10 Uses For Wood in Landscape Designs

Top 10 Uses For Wood in Landscape Designs

1. Edging and Borders: define a garden bed or mark a path or walkway with wood timbers, so the plants, flowers, and trees will stand out and not compete with the border material. If using wood timbers for raised beds, consider a vertical design or stack horizontally to prevent erosion. Use stainless steel connectors to keep pieces aligned, especially for angles.

2. Retaining Wall: a wood retaining wall is a perfect way to blend in naturally, mainly if the wall is a focal point or a large part of a small space.

3. Steps: for graded or steep spaces, add wood steps into the landscape for a graded and easy way to make the trek uphill.

4. Decking: the most common decking material in North America is wood, and there’s nothing like natural wood under bare feet.

5. Pergolas and Gazebos: a covered space, like a pergola or gazebo, offers respite from warm days — even rainy days — and can offer an anchored space or focal point to a design.

6. Play Structures: design play structures for the little ones that are not only fun but beautiful using wood. Not just any wood. Wood that is free of toxic chemicals for peace of mind.

7. Bridges: water features add to the landscape’s design and offer tranquility to the end user. Adding an accent feature like a wooden bridge is an excellent finishing touch.

8. Planters: wooden planters — free-standing to window boxes — are great for space-challenged areas or for an added design feature to highlight trees and plants.

9. Outdoor Furniture: A recent article by Houzz notes that wood is the “go-to option for outdoor furniture” because “it is long-lasting” and can “handle different weather conditions.”

Specify Accoya wood in your next landscape designs. Our modification process gives Accoya unrivaled durability and resistance to rot, making it perfect for demanding exterior and in-ground landscape applications. Non-Toxic, Accoya offers an unmatched 50-year warranty for above ground applications and 25 years below ground or in fresh water. Find out more about the benefits of Accoya wood.

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