Accoya Wood Siding in Aspen

Follow Matt Risinger around Aspen, Colorado, as he visits some beautiful Accoya wood siding projects by Delta Millworks in Aspen, Colorado.


Accoya Siding Projects in Aspen, Colorado

Watch the video above to travel around Aspen, Colorado, and visit some beautiful Accoya wood projects from Accoya Approved Manufacturer Delta Millworks.

Matt Risinger, host of The Build Show, tours some amazing completed projects, including Accoya siding for the Starwood Fire Station and Kiva Residence. Risinger also visits some projects still in-progress and gives you an inside look at the installation process. Accoya was chosen for its warranty and ability to perform well in ever-changing Colorado climate. Each project demonstrates different ways to finish Accoya wood for siding. Follow along as Risinger takes you on a trip that will surely spark inspiration and ideas for your next building project.

  • Kiva Residence | Aspen, CO (Video – 1:16)

The Accoya wood used in the Kiva Residence is finished with a shou-sugi-ban charred finished. Delta Millworks also labels this finish as Accoya Gator because of its unique subtle reptilian-like surface finish. This burned finish creates a thick layer of char on the surface of the board, which serves as a natural barrier to the sun.

Builder: Koru Ltd. 

Architect: Zone 4 Architects


  • Hotel Jerome | Aspen, CO (Video – 3:58)

Right in the heart of downtown Aspen lays this historic building. Hotel Jerome is one of the great hotels in the American West, listed on the National Register of Historic Places (1889). This project accomplished an ambitious renovation to honor this historic legacy.

Architect: Rowland Broughton


  • Starwood Fire Station | Starwood, CO (Video – 6:30)

This rural fire station for the Starwood community in Colorado. The pre-stained Accoya siding was chosen because of its water resistance and ability to maintain its tone and texture over time. This project was completed 3 years ago and still, the Accoya siding remains very stable and reliable in this harsh exterior environment.

Builder: GF Woods Construction

Architect: Charles Cunniffe Architects


  • 1940s Historic Log Cabin – House Addition  | Aspen, CO (Video – 15:38)

This historic building is adding an addition to the house. The client chose Accoya wood for the siding because of its warranty and ability to withhold the harsh weather conditions in Colorado. The tone and texture of the wood also accomplished their vision for a modern but compatible style next to this historic log cabin building. The client used a custom colored 3-coat system finish by Delta Millworks.

Builder: Okeanos Construction

Architect: Charles Cunniffe Architects (Ashley Satterfield)


  • Residential Home | Aspen, CO  (Video – 25:20)

This modern residential home will use uncoated Accoya wood with tongue and groove paneling for its siding. Prior to building, this Accoya wood was stored on the roof of the Delta Millwork’s building for about 6-12 months to grey out in the sun. To learn more about the installation process for this project, go to 26:17 in the video above.

Builder: Hansen Construction 

Architect: Zone 4 Architects




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