Accoya used to craft iconic furniture by designer brand Maasstoel


Accoya®, the high performance modified wood product manufactured by Accsys Technologies, has proven to be the perfect choice for Rotterdam-based Maasstoel furniture.


Maasstoel, owned by graphic designer and architect Anton Mijs and designer and joiner Nils Verweji, is an exciting new furniture business, with the pair specialising in creating durable furniture from natural materials.


Accoya is used to craft all of the company’s minimalist-designed furniture, from the firm’s iconic snake bench to its high-backed chair.


Anton explains more: “Nils and I met a few years ago and discovered that we had a shared interest in furniture design, and it is from this that we decided to set up Maasstoel in 2013. As a company, we wanted to ensure that the wood we used for our furniture was suitable for outdoor use and that it was as natural and ecologically friendly as possible.


“After developing several prototype pieces, we decided that Accoya was the ideal partner for Maasstoel. The aesthetics of the wood really complement our designs, and the fact that it can withstand even the toughest climate outdoors without any coating or treatment is a real bonus for our customers.”


Accoya delivers outstanding levels of performance, including dimensional stability, class 1 durability and sustainability. Made with FSC® certified wood from legal, manageable and sustainable forests, Accoya is an attractive wood product which is Cradle to Cradle Gold certified and is perfect for a variety of uses from windows and doors to external cladding, structural projects and decking.


Bryan Crennell, director of sales and marketing at Accsys Technologies said: “Anton and Nils at Maasstoel make some of the most beautiful and hard-wearing products for their customers from Accoya.”


The dimensional stability of Accoya means that its swelling and shrinkage compared to others woods is reduced by as much as 75% when faced with variable outdoor conditions. This stability means that for Maasstoel Accoya is easier to use for non-conventional designs and has proven to be a durable product.”


Manufactured using Accsys Technologies’ propriety acetylation technology, Accoya is one of the most superior wood products on the market today. It performs to the highest of standards, delivering remarkable levels of stability, sustainability and durability. Exceeding the high-quality and aesthetic attributes of tropical hardwoods, Accoya also boasts excellent environmental credentials by using wood sourced from FSC® certified and sustainable forests.


Anton adds: “Only with Accoya have we have been able to make our largest and most complicated project to date. Our round table top is made from triangular planks of Accoya wood that are radially arranged from the centre and the joined to one another.


“Similarly, the snake bench that we design is extremely flexible, versatile and can adopt different shapes depending on the size of space available. This is the beauty of using Accoya – we can really test the boundaries of the product using our designs.”


Maasstoel furniture is made to order from Anton and Nils, and is crafted by hand from their workshop in the Netherlands.


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