Luxurious home made entirely from Accoya


Designed by architect Alexandru Cristian, Accoya was recommended by the distributor Tecade for use in the construction of the building, which needed to be aesthetically pleasing as well as highly durable in order to withstand the country’s extreme climate. Tecade recommended the use of Accoya to ensure that the building would sit sympathetically within its natural surroundings, while also maintaining its structural integrity against the harsh environment.

Originally Accoya was specified solely to construct the windows and the terrace. However, due to its aesthetic appeal, both the owner and the architect decided to use Accoya for all applications throughout the home including the façade, interior doors, indoor and outdoor furniture, terrace, garage door and railings.

The architect specified 28mm by 150mm of Accoya for the outdoor terrace and constructed the terrace furniture using around 1 cubic meters of Accoya to build 3 tables and 36 chairs for external use. Tecade also crafted kitchen furniture, a TV stand, office desk and multiple bathroom cabinets from Accoya.

Applications used in this project:Inspiration Inspiration Decking Decking Doors Doors Siding Siding Windows Windows

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