Accoya wood canal lining

Canal Lining is replaced with long term, durable solution – Accoya wood


The Netherlands

Unique wood combination

Unique wood combination

Within the municipality of Súdwest-Fryslânm, the Diepe Dolte canal lining has been replaced with a long-term, durable solution, Accoya  H2H® boards. The boards, developed and supplied by Van Swaay Duurzaam Hout, offer a unique combination of durable modified wood and softwood.

Performance and sustainability were key requirements when selecting the material for the flood defence structure, and with a 25 year warranty in ground/freshwater applications, Accoya H2H® boards offer an innovative solution matching the requirements of the project. In total, 120 linear metres of Accoya wood has been installed.

The new lining for the Diepe Dolte canal situated in Venlo Venlo comprises boards approximately five meters long, six centimetres thick and 20 centimetres wide. The lower part of the board is made from untreated spruce, with the upper part of the board at the air/water limit, constructed from Accoya wood. This is due to the air/water border being the point which endures the toughest conditions; therefore, Accoya wood is used because it has Class 1 durability. To ensure that no decay takes place, the softwood part of the board and the finger joint of the H2H® product are at all times kept below the waterline.

Accoya wood canal lining


“Our municipality wants to be innovative and sustainable. Accoya wood gives a 25-year guarantee on application in hydraulic engineering work and it is very durable. So the municipality decided to see how the wood now proves itself in this first bank-dam wall construction.”


Anton Terpstra – Property Manager at Blue Innovation (Water projects) for the municipality

Accoya wood canal lining, accoya ground water works

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