Accoya supports eco-friendly Bachillerato campus, Barcelona


The Oak House School’s Bachillerato Campus was completed in 2015 and used Accoya to construct the façade of its new campus in Barcelona. Located next to an old villa in the school’s garden, the newly constructed campus was designed to bring both functionality and character to a space used to prepare students for university.

Designed by Trasbordo architects, the building’s facade was created using multiple layers of Accoya louvres to provide natural ventilation and reduce glare from the sun entering classrooms.

The Accoya slats also absorb external noise and reduce sound entering the rooms. Accoya was also used to clad the upper level of the Oak House School. The new building houses a state-of-the-art lecture hall, a library, separate classrooms and recreational spaces. The external Accoya façade acts as a pathway around the building, guiding students between classrooms and the French garden.

Accoya was used by architects Ignacio Capapé and Justo Orgaz, because of its durability and impressive environmental credentials, which appealed to the School’s objective to use sustainable materials throughout the project. The school also required a wood which would withstand an external environment with very variable weather conditions, requiring minimum maintenance or treatment of which Accoya is known for.

A total of 15 m3 of Accoya was distributed by Elaborados y Fabricados Gámiz for the project, and was prepared by the carpentry firms Perez Massot, S.L. and Gradhermetic.

The new eco-friendly Bachillerato campus is truly a breath-taking structure. It has enabled the school to provide its students with a tranquil environment to encourage creative thinking and to prepare them for the next stage in their lives. When speaking with architects, the school were very conscious that they wanted to create a building which had a strong focus on sustainability which was why Accoya was incorporated in the build. The highly durable and environmentally friendly wood complemented the range of other ecologically sound building methods that were used.”


Aurelio Gámiz Urrutia, sales manager at Elaborados y Fabricados Gámiz


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