Rough Sawn Accoya facade for Spanish Health Centre

Santa Cruz de Campezo


 High Quality

High Quality

The Santa Cruz de Campezo health centre designed by the architect Adolfo Moro was inaugurated in July 2017.

For the curved facade, Adolfo specified Accoya wood for its outstanding outdoor performance, choosing to leave the Accoya rough sawn.

In order to cover the needs of the region, the health services have opted for 145m2 functional and modern health centre of in Santa Cruz de Campezo. The building, designed by Adolfo Moro, is composed of two overlapping sections: Accoya cladding curves around the building, following the lines and shape of the environment, evolving into a more traditional flat sided building unified by the consistent Accoya.

Accoya wood is an effective and durable solution for cladding. With class 1 durability, Accoya provides a 50 year warranty for above ground applications and 25 years below ground.

The choice of the raw finish of the Accoya wood allows perfect integration of the building into its rural environment. Approximately 25m3 of raw materials were supplied by the Spanish Accoya distributor GAMIZ, located in the same city as the project.

In order to give an original and not over-finished look, the architect chose to keep the rough sawn aspect of the Accoya and use it in its natural form.

This rough surface can be planed at least 5mm to give a lighter and more uniform appearance to the wood surface, which is deliberately not the case here. The overall appearance of the building will become uniform over time, as the wood takes on a natural silver patina.

Applications used in this project:Siding Siding

An energy efficient building

Energy efficiency was of great importance in the design of the project. South-facing openings and insulation have been designed to achieve energy savings. Accoya wood cladding is an ideal insulation material that requires little maintenance and will remain stable. It is ideal for carefully controlled energy consumption. Other investments in the building designed to reduce energy costs included double glazed joinery, climate controlled heating and intelligent artificial lighting.


Project Statistics

Project Statistics

Distributor: GAMIZ

Architect:Adolfo Moro

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