Abellio Greater Anglia selects Benjamin Steadman Design to install modular Accoya Rail Shelters


United Kingdom

Wood chosen by the public

Wood chosen by the public

A series of new rail passenger shelters made in Accoya have been installed with a positive response from the public.

Stringent regulations which demand a 50 year service life for shelters, coupled with Abellio Greater Anglia’s support to install more sustainable and aesthetically pleasing products, led transport design firm Benjamin Stedman to recommend Accoya wood as the material of choice for their Natural Shelter range. The shelters have taken on a truly modern design – based on durable renewable materials. Accoya wood was ideal for this project as, not only does it come with an exceptional above ground guarantee of up to 50 years and 25 years below it, but its superior structural stability, high durability and low maintenance needs make it a unique solution that will stand the test of time.

These shelters provide an entrance into the railway platform area and will see high footfall with seating areas and ticket machines located inside. The design offers great value as they can serve many different functions, ideal for un-staffed stations and most impressively, all of Benjamin Stedman’s shelters can be fully installed in just two days.

Unlike most other shelters in the UK, which are usually constructed from painted steel, aluminium or – at the higher end – stainless steel, these new shelters are predominantly crafted from Accoya wood.

In Cornwall, 68 Natural Shelter bus shelters have been installed, all constructed from Accoya wood. Some have been renovated to replace the older, weathered, steel shelters previously specified, whilst others are first time installations

An additional 40 Natural Shelters built in Accoya now exist along the Network Rail route, at Althorne, Battlesbridge, Great Bentley and Harwich Town stations, with interest for larger orders in the pipeline.

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Accoya is the leading material specified in the design, and was chosen not only for its impressive sustainability credentials, but also for its warmth in contrast to metal shelters.

“After all”, explains Dr. Yorick Benjamin, Director of Benjamin Stedman: “who wants to sit on a metal seat?”

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