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Why is the wood sourced from New Zealand?

Our main material for Accoya production is very fast-growing Radiata Pine from New Zealand: the climate there is conducive to very rapid growth rates, meaning a higher rate of carbon sequestration from the atmosphere, and makes the wood particularly well-suited to the acetylation process. The progressive state of the forestry industry in the country also offers a good supply of the pruned ‘clear wood’ our customers particularly value, and minimises risks of environmental harm, noncompliance with responsible forest management principles or corruption.

Although sourcing from New Zealand does mean a long total distance travelled for our timber, the efficiency offered by bulk sea IMO 2000 compliant freight is substantial: other options produce between 500% and 9800% as much CO 2 e per tonne per km transported. The extended service life of our products further reduces the overall impact of transport on lifetime costs. For a quite extreme example, Accoya  wood made from New Zealand Radiata Pine shipped to our plant in the Netherlands, then being shipped back again for use in Brisbane, Australia actually has a lower CO 2 e cost per volume per year of product life than Blackbutt or Spotted Gum sourced ‘locally’ in Canberra and driven to Brisbane by truck.

The combination of this with the high quality, low risk and well-managed forestry in New Zealand, and the accelerated growth rate and carbon sequestration of Radiata Pine grown there, continue to make this our main and preferred source – but we continue to monitor, assess, and on occasion use other sustainable wood sources in order to achieve and provide the best possible balance of quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction as we plan for further global growth.

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