Ecolabels Acquired

Besides the independent environmental assessments through LCA and carbon footprint, we actively seek to acquire the most respected ecolabels available and have been recognized by others as an exemplary product and company in the field of sustainability on many occasions:




Accoya® wood is one of the very few building products to have acquired Cradle to CradleSM Certification on the elusive Gold level. Cradle to Cradle (C2C) provides a means to tangibly and credibly measure achievement in environmentally-intelligent design including the use of environmentally safe and healthy materials and instituting strategies for social responsibility.

C2C Gold Certificate
Material Health Certificate

Of the various schemes for sustainable forestry available, the Forest Stewardship Councils® (FSC®) are regarded as the leading and most comprehensive certification programs available. Both programs not only focus on benign environmental performance but also safeguard social interests for all stakeholders involved.

FSC® Certification


Future Build is a green building materials portal that helps architects, engineers and contractors confidently select and source environmentally sustainable, third party certified products. Only products that have been assessed and selected according to stringent standards and criteria set by the carbon neutral Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, are listed. Accoya® wood was rated as excellent or A.

Of the many green building certification schemes available worldwide, BREEAM (mainly used in Europe) and LEED (originating from USA, applied worldwide) are most widely adopted and recognised. Both are based on various building related environmental indicators including sustainable energy, -water and -material use. For the latter category the application of Accoya® can contribute to several credits in both schemes (BREEAM: MAT 1, MAT 3, LEEDv4: MR1, MR2, MR3, MR4, I1)

In Oceania the Green Star rating is most important and also here Accoya® can contribute to several credits: #19, #20 and #21. For more information please refer to the memo’s below:


For the South East Asian market we have attained the highly regarded Green Label of the Singapore Environment Council (SEC), which was set up to promote environmental awareness in this region. The ‘Green Label’ can only be obtained by compliance with the strict eco standards specified by the SEC’s scheme and rigorous testing of the product for possible harmful content.

Singapore Greenlabel 

As one of the leading green labels in the Netherlands, Dubokeur certificates are only granted to the most environmentally friendly products within a particular application based on LCA methodology. This certification is of particular significance to our Dutch customers, unequivocally positioning Accoya® wood as an outstanding environmental choice.

Dubokeur certification

Accoya® wood won the prestigious International Wood Products Association award (IWPA) for innovative excellence in April 2011 at the annual conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Accsys Technologies received the overall Dutch National Award for Sustainability Innovation, “The Columbus Egg”, and the Award for Sustainable Production Technology for Accoya® wood. These awards are granted by the Dutch Government and are designed to reward sustainability innovation within businesses operating in the Netherlands.

The outstanding green credentials of Accoya®, have been officially recognised by Europe’s Nordic nations with the award of the Svanen Ecolabel. The label, renowned for its rigor and transparency is the internationally recognised ecolabel for Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland and was established in 1989 by the Nordic Council of Ministers. It was developed to help consumers and companies select products that are guaranteed to have met stringent environmental standards.

Nordic Ecolabelling Licence

Accoya® has received the Declare label from the International Living Future Institute, who manage the highly acclaimed and most rigorous proven performance based standard for green buildings, the Living Building Challenge:

The Declare label shows that Accoya® consists of >99,5 % of FSC certified fast growing Radiata Pine, provides no problems in the End of Life phase and is fully safe regarding ingredients, proven through the “Red List Free” statement.