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Sustainability at the heart of construction

Accoya wood was selected for a new building complex in downtown Helsinki, Finland. The complex is being developed in two phases, with the first phase consisting of residential buildings and the second phase including a hotel, offices and a courtyard.

The project began in 2014 with construction commencing in late 2015. By February 2019, the wooden apartments were completed and phase two is due for completion during 2021.

The buildings reach a maximum of eight stories tall and will be fully constructed of wood, including the supporting structures. This makes the project distinctly different from others and Accoya has been selected as the wood of choice due to the project having sustainability at the forefront of its mind. This ‘Wood City’ as it has now been named, combines design, community, good transport links and sustainability to show how versatile wood can be.

Further reasons for choosing Accoya wood for the complex are that it is an ecological and responsible choice that also meets quality criteria for environmental classifications. The architects for this project wanted to ensure a spectacular display that was visually and acoustically pleasing. Accoya was a good fit for this.


Applications used in this project:Siding Siding

Wooden cladding on apartments at Wood City, Finland

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