Charred Accoya siding and uncoated Accoya garage door


Two contrasting finishes, both Accoya wood

Two contrasting finishes, both Accoya wood

The owners of this beautiful private residence have chosen a striking facade for their garage. The garage doors are made from Accoya wood which has been left uncoated to reveal the natural light colouring of Accoya. In complete contrast, the garage itself has been clad using charred Accoya. A traditional Shou Sugi Ban technique has been used to create a deep black burnt effect. The two varying finishes compliment each other well and show just how versatile Accoya is.

Architect: Van Mierlo Tuinen & VDA Architecten

Product: Accoya Marugame fixated

Supplier: Zwarthout

Manufactured by: Different Doors

Applications used in this project:Siding Siding Windows & Doors Windows & Doors