Nagalingam Veedu residence, RitikaaWood

Tamil Nadu


Accoya sliding and folding doors

‘The House with the Nagalingam Tree’ or ‘Nagalingam Veedu’ in Tamil, with the Nagalingam tree as the centrepiece of the project, is the project people imagine when thinking of Biophilia!

The tree at the centre of the house is a sacred one, with a history of its own. Planted by the client’s family in the late 1990s, it held a special place in their lives. The family has used the flowers from the tree as an offering to Lord Shiva since the planting of the tree. Therefore, it was of prime importance for the house to be built around the tree, taking inspiration from it and basking in the sacred energy from it.

One striking feature of Nagalingam Veedu is the integration of the sustainable Accoya sliding doors, manufactured in Nashik by RitikaaWood. These doors serve as a portal between the interior spaces and the outdoors, allowing the residents to forge a deep connection with the natural surroundings. Accoya wood, known for its durability and eco-friendly properties, aligns perfectly with the ethos of the project.

With the sliding-and-folding Accoya doors open, the dining area and the open kitchen become an extension of the landscape, offering panoramic views of the horizon. The design, a collaborative effort between Khosla Associates and SFA Works, showcases an oak wood dining table that complements the natural aesthetic of the Accoya doors.

Nagalingam Veedu stands as a living testament to the power of biophilia in architecture. The seamless integration of the Accoya sliding doors does a beautiful job of enhancing the visual appeal of the residence.

Project info

Year – 2021

Products – sliding windows

Manufacturer: Ritikaa Enterprises Pvt Ltd

Architect – Khosla Associates

Photographer – Shamanth Patil

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