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Investing in the right material for your front door


It all starts with your front door

It all starts with your front door

If you want to make your house ‘winter ready’, an important step is to invest in a well insulated, beautiful front door.

This may not apply to new-build homes, given the stricter requirements for more energy-efficient construction of new homes, but this story does apply to existing homes.

You could choose to use special insulation materials and draft excluders, but even then you will be surprised how much heat can be lost from around the edges. That is why, in some cases, installing a new front door is a wise choice.

And you don’t need to compromise on material either. A stunning front door that doesn’t swell or jam is possible with Accoya and worth the investment.


What are the advantages of doors made with Accoya wood?

What are the advantages of doors made with Accoya wood?

    • Insulation: Accoya doors have a high insulation value due to the insulation properties of Accoya being better than those of other joinery timbers. This keeps the heat inside ensuring good energy savings and a warm and cosy home.


    • Stability: doors made of Accoya wood hardly shrink or swell due to the acetylation process, whereby moisture molecules are provided with “vinegar” so that you actually get highly stable and durable wood. This means your front door will no longer be jammed in different climate conditions.


    • Ideal for coatings: Coatings look great on Accoya and last much longer, meaning your door will be low maintenance, saving you time and money in the long run. It’s even possible to adjust the color of your front door by repainting to match the on trend colour.


    • Natural wood: Accoya is natural wood with many of the same properties, if not even better, than plastic and other woods. The excellent stability and durability exceed the advantages of traditional hardwood front doors, such as oak.


    • Sustainable: Accoya entrance doors are sourced from FSC forests and have a long life span. They carry a 50 year warranty against rot and can even be recycled when their life does come to an end.


    View all other benefits of Accoya wood here

And don’t forget, your front door is the first thing your guests will see and first impressions count!

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