Make the most of a small garden

Do you have a small garden? No worries!

There’s no need to neglect a smaller garden. Just because you don’t have acres of space doesn’t mean you can’t surround yourself with botanical magic.

Our friends at Oxford Planters have shared their 6 tips to maximise a small garden, we’ve discussed them below:

1. Use vertical space as well as traditional ground planting

Climbing plants can give height to your garden, set up trellises or obelisks to provide climbing furniture for upward moving greenery. You can use these tools to cover any unsightly vents or drains in your garden, all while creating an enveloping jungle of a garden.

2. Castors to help negotiate your garden

Pots and planters can be very heavy. Why strain trying to lug them around when you could sit them on casters? Easy to move into or out of sunshine, or rearrange your garden at a whim.

3. Multi-purpose garden furniture

Save space in your garden by tidying away anything that doesn’t add to the aesthetic. There are clever designs to save you valuable space. Garden benches with in-built storage or bin stores to hide any unsightly rubbish.Accoya Bench

4. Make your garden seem bigger

Using a strategically placed mirror behind a trellis can instantly make your garden feel bigger. Similar to obelisks, a trellis is fantastic for growing your flora up not just out, giving you more space to play with.

5. Make sure you choose the right materials to prolong the life of your vision

We work hard to make our gardens look great, but its a constant journey. Why make your life even harder by having materials fail on you by the time you’re getting towards being happy with your garden. It’s worth investing in materials that are made to last, so you can enjoy your space all year round and appreciate the fruits of your labour. Accoya wood is perfect for achieving that natural look without compromising on performance over time.

6. Your window sills need love too

Prime real estate is often overlooked. You can enjoy nourishing plants, flowers and herbs framing your view out, creating extra space and even more style.


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