Top features for buyers that could increase the value of your home


With house sales slumping to their lowest in over a decade, and mortgage approvals on the decline, it is critical that homeowners looking to sell their property know which features they should invest in to attract prospective buyers.  

New research from Accoya reveals that energy efficiency is one of the top three features buyers look for. In fact, more than a quarter (29%) of respondents cite it’s in the top three most important features when purchasing a forever home*.  

Over a third (37%) say a newly fitted kitchen is the most important feature when purchasing a property and more than a quarter (29%) say they’d be more likely to buy a home that has lots of windows for natural light.  

Ten most important features for buyers choosing a forever home:

Ten most important features for buyers choosing a forever home:


Newly fitted kitchen – 37% 

Lots of windows for natural light – 29% 

Energy efficient – 29% 

Landscaped garden – 24% 

Recently refurbished bathroom – 20% 

A double garage – 18% 

A double driveway – 17% 

Low maintenance garden – 17% 

Bi-fold doors – 15% 

Balcony – 13% 

 While a newly fitted kitchen and plenty of natural light have always been significant features to homebuyers, energy efficiency has risen in importance. Of course, with high – and unstable – energy bills affecting every household, this is hardly surprising. Nonetheless, for those looking to increase the buyer appeal of their existing property, it is important to note that this is now one of the key features for those looking to purchase a home. 

“By choosing windows made from high performing materials, such as Accoya, homeowners get both natural light and high efficiency, so it’s a no brainer to put replacing old windows at the top of the home improvement wish list to help reduce energy bills and increase desirability,” comments Gillian Edwards, Head of Communications and ESG at Accoya.  

While the market remains unstable, many property owners are investing in their current premises. In fact, more than half (51%) of homeowners say they are currently planning to make energy-efficient home improvements and, when it comes to higher-income households, two thirds (66%) say they’re planning on improving the energy efficiency of their property. 

However, it’s not just energy-efficient modifications that are rising in popularity. Homeowners are also looking for more sustainable products as part of an effort to reduce their property’s carbon footprint. In fact, over a third (36%) of homeowners say they would invest more in sustainable home improvements

With so many people having to rethink their spending habits to meet rising costs, it’s promising to see that homeowners are thinking ahead and investing in improving their property’s energy efficiency.  

“More often than not, people think that increasing insulation and installing a new boiler is enough to make a home energy efficient. However, according to, heat gain and heat loss through windows is responsible for 25-30% of residential heating and cooling energy use, making energy efficient windows an important consideration for both homebuyers and homeowners, concludes Gillian.  

Accoya wood is a high performance and sustainable product that is ideal for window frames and doors. It is highly stable and durable with a 50-year warranty. In comparison to other standard wood types for joinery, Accoya has excellent thermal conductivity properties with its insulation value being 30% better than hardwood and 8% better than softwood**. For homeowners, this ultimately leads to warmer windows with a superior energy efficiency rating. 

*Research conducted among 2,004 UK homeowners in June 2023 

**Verified by the British Woodworking Federation 

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