Accoya exterior façade at the Vienna education campus



Sustainable architecture was the specification of the Federal School Center of Seestadt Aspern in the east of Vienna. The 13,800m2 building was completed in the summer of 2017 and can accommodate 1,100 students.

With serious sustainable credentials, the low-maintenance wood guarantees a long service life. It’s this high performance that led to the specification of Accoya for its exterior facade as well as interior benches.

Accoya wood bench, specified by fasch & fuchs.architekten is durable, uncoated wood. It is featured within the Education Campus in Vienna, Austria which provides an aesthetically pleasing education facility to over 1,000 students.

In Vienna’s east, Seestadt Aspern is not only the city’s largest urban development project but one of the largest in Europe. By 2028, where the Aspern airfield used to be, a new district will be built to accommodate 22,000 people. The foundation for their future education was already laid in the summer of 2017, since then the Federal School Center has been completed. Between Hannah Arendt Park and Maria Trapp Square, the new education campus offers space for 1,100 pupils. The responsible planning office fasch & fuchs.architekten, Vienna, attached great importance to the fact that the 13,800m2 building maintains a sustainable architecture and has an innovative concept.

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Approximately 100m3 of Accoya wood has been used to cover the 2,800m2 of the outer facade of the Bundesreal gymnasium. In addition, there are also the three-layer panels of the exterior doors and benches in the interior of the building made from Accoya.

Accoya is an exceptionally durable and beautiful solid wood, which meets the highest standards such as DIN EN 350-2, durability class 1. Specified as part of a push for sustainable architecture, it reflects the ideals of the educational campus of Seestadt Aspern.


Accoya Wood Façade, specified by fasch & fuchs.architekten is a durable, uncoated wood exterior. It covers the front of the Education Campus in Vienna, Austria which provides an aesthetically pleasing education facility to over 1,000 students.

For the 2,800m2 facade area of ​​the education campus, the planners opted for around 100m3 of Accoya wood.

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