The Sash Window Workshop Select Accoya for Oxfordshire Home Renovation


United Kingdom

The Sash Window Workshop recommend Accoya to customers

The Sash Window Workshop recommend Accoya to customers

The Sash Window Workshop, a renowned provider of bespoke timber windows and doors, recently embarked on a project to replace several windows and a door at a traditional property in Oxfordshire. When recommending a material for this, they turned to Accoya for its outstanding attributes, including durability, stability, sustainability, and low maintenance requirements.

While the existing windows and doors were in dire need of replacement due to rot, some windows were still in good condition. To address this, The Sash Window Workshop decided to replace only the sashes (the moving parts of the windows) in the frames that were salvageable. The goal was to create a cohesive and visually appealing outcome while ensuring the new elements would withstand the test of time.

Accoya, the material of choice, offered numerous benefits that aligned perfectly with the project’s objectives. Its exceptional durability and stability, backed by a 50-year anti-rot guarantee, served as a compelling selling point for the customer, providing them with peace of mind that the investment was built to last. This was especially crucial given the property’s location and the previous issues with rotten windows and doors.

Moreover, Accoya’s sustainability credentials made it an eco-friendly option, sourced from FSC-certified sustainable forests and carrying the prestigious Cradle to Cradle Gold certification. The Sash Window Workshop takes pride in delivering environmentally responsible solutions, and Accoya’s eco-conscious properties resonate well with their values.

The new Accoya windows and door were meticulously crafted to match the property’s traditional style, ensuring seamless integration with its existing architecture. The project not only improved the property’s aesthetics but also boosted energy efficiency with Accoya’s superior insulation properties, potentially leading to energy savings for the property owners.

A total of nine complete new Accoya box sash windows, ten new Accoya sashes integrated into the existing frames, and one new Accoya door were manufactured and installed by The Sash Window Workshop. The project’s success showcased the strength, sustainability, and beauty of Accoya wood while demonstrating The Sash Window Workshop’s commitment to delivering excellence in craftsmanship and sustainable solutions.

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