Stairway to Heaven


The Bunkertreppe “Stairway to Heaven” is part of the Landscapes of Allure project West Brabantse Waterlinie. At the Benedensas water was once given in for the inundation of the area. The Germans also have a bunker building there in the 2nd World War. A strategic place, which now has a recreational destination.

The Bunkertreppe designed by Ro & Ad architects consists of one solid, glued wooden staircase, which balances like a seesaw on the edge of the bunker. Because the dike is a primary water defense, it was not possible to base it on the dyke. The staircase floats above the ground and is accessible via three concrete steps. The staircase made of durable dimensionally stable Accoya wood can remain outside untreated without being rotten.

To allow the recreational to view the beautiful area, this viewpoint has been placed on the bunker.

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