Accoya lights up private residence


Garden lights

Garden lights

The homeowners of this beautiful, energy-neutral private house demonstrated that a simple but beautiful product can be integrated around and in the house using sustainable and stable products. With an eye for people and nature, which was an important starting point for the homeowners, the design was completely adapted according to the wishes of the residents.

The private home was given an environmentally friendly and green look, with maximum floor, wall and roof insulation, triple glazing, ground source heat pump, over 100 solar panels and plenty of evergreen foliage.

Due to Accoya’s durability and stability, and the fact that it can be used for numerous applications, the request for Accoya wood exterior lighting to be added to the house was no coincidence. The homeowners were convinced and chose manufacturer Timberlab, who recommended stylish Accoya outdoor lighting.

With a 50-year warranty above ground and 25 years in the ground, excellent dimensional stability and a wood species that performs highly in terms of sustainability, the homeowners can rest assured that the lighting will not visibly swell, shrink or distort for years to come. Timberlab has therefore specified Accoya as a suitable material for both indoor and outdoor use.

Accoya was not only used for the exterior lighting, but also for the wall and ceiling of the indoor pool, the exterior doors and the electrical charging stations to match the overall look.

Applications used in this project:Inspiration Inspiration

Project Statistics

Project Statistics


Contractor/architect: Bouwbedrijf van Middendorp from Wekerom

Client: Private

Photographer: Wilco van Dijen Fotografie

Used Accoya materials:

  • Planed and laminated 140x140x4.400mm Timberlab type STRATO and EYE
  • Planed and laminated 70x120x1,400mm Timberlab type PUNTO

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