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United Arab Emirates

Accoya was chosen by Szonyi for its impressive environmental credentials and ability to cope with constant reconfiguration by visitors. Following the success of the bench as a public seating installation in Dubai, the design is now being manufactured under the name, Ido, by French urban furniture firm Aubrilam, experts in equipping private and public outdoor spaces.

The bench, which is available in six different sizes, and in a range of coatings and colours, is constructed using moveable boomerang shaped Accoya sections hinged along a linear steel axis. Accoya was chosen for the design for its impressive environmental credentials and ability to withstand constant reconfiguration by visitors.

Produced using a modification process to create one of the most advanced modified wood products on the market, Accoya delivers outstanding levels of performance, stability and durability.

The multi-functional sculpture won the top award at the Design Days Dubai Urban Commissions competition in 2015 which invited residents of the UAE to design a public seating installation. Accoya is distributed by Alashrafy in Dubai.

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