Large windows testing stability to the extreme


United Kingdom

Stability that counts

Stability that counts

Joiner Garry Malkin of GM Joinery Services has spent 10 months single handily creating the now spectacular 10.5 metre high curved entrance for the Jamia Masjid Farooq E Azam mosque on Stockton’s Bowesfield Lane, Teeside, UK.

Created from 170 individual 140mm sections. The entrance is high pivoting both directional doors on a Dorma hinge system. Housing 10mm tough glass bespoke cut to fit the original design using a CNC cutter to MDF templates. The larger panes of glass weighing in at a whopping 125kg, requiring high quality joinery to carry the load.

The Accoya frame is coated with Teknos Walnut spray system by RJB Coatings Ltd.

The entrance isn’t finished yet, with etched calligraphy to be added to the glass on site. With a total dimension of 3.4m wide x 10.5m high, it’s a very impressive piece of Accoya joinery.

Garry quoted “I have used an amazing timber called Accoya, its sustainable, it doesn’t rot.”

Applications used in this project:Windows Windows

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