Decking and cladding in prestigious cabin by the sea



creative vision

Private waterside residence

This private residence by the water at Sjursholmen in Søgne, Norway is a celebration in Accoya. The entire exterior including the façade, roof, outside deck and dock were all created using uncoated Accoya. The Accoya windows were coated black.

Architect Tommie Wilhelmsen designed the residence with both the environment and the family in mind. With the ambition to capture the areas natural form within the architecture, the location was very important in the development, ensuring the interior matched the desires of the family. The interior consists of four bedrooms, two bathrooms and an annex on the water. The kitchen represents the main space, where everyone can be together with a swimming pool set into a rock slightly back from the water’s edge, providing a bathing paradise set back from the chilly North Sea.


Applications used in this project:Windows Windows Decking Decking Cladding Cladding

why accoya?

Comments from joinery manufacturer Made by Wood/Meling:

“The material is chosen based on the architects guidelines. We think Accoya is an excellent choice. The weather in Norway can be quite tough. The fact that the cabin is located close to the sea means that the need for materials that can withstand harsh coastal weather is even greater.”

Dark joinery was coated with Nordsjø Tixett transparent oil stain in the colour – Scandinavian Black 361


The project architect Tommie Wilhelmsen said:

“The main reason to choose Accoya was that it is stable, and does not cup as easy as other wood species, to make sharp edges on this cabin we need that. Also the surface is ideal for both the roofing and facades. I wanted this precise and sculptural expression on this wooden construction and Accoya is a good choice for this. Over time the surface becomes grey and natural, and blends in with the landscape.”


Sector: housing

Architect: Tommie Wilhelmsen

Accoya installer: Made by Wood / Meling

Coating: Nordsjø Tixett transparent oil stain in the colour – Scandinavian Black 361 (Windows), Uncoated (exterior)


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