Accoya Benches

South Korea

Young Lim Timber, an Accoya distributor in Korea, supplied the Accoya benches to the school.

The benches were coated with clear oil-stain to experience and feel the wood color for children.

Younglim Timber wanted to make a simple and natural bench. But the children could play or jump on the bench, so we should think about the strength of it.

The designer in the furniture division of Younglim Timber focused on these facts and designed the benches using wood standoffs and few screws with the following sizes; 32 x 150 x 3200 boards. We then processed them to 27x 145 x 2700mm boards to create the bench, and then we finished it with ‘Olympic Stain’.

The children really like to have Accoya benches there, and they prefer to sit there compared with steel or plastic benches.

Now, Younglim Timber sold more Accoya benches through the Korean landscape fair, they got a good reputation from their customers.

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