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How is Accoya wood sold?

Our sales network is actually far bigger than our direct sales team. We work with distributors all over the world to support Accoya’s entire route into the market: from manufacturers, woodworkers and joiners all the way through to the end users.

We inform, train and support our distributors and the manufacturers, producing effective co-branded marketing materials.

They become advocates for our products, experts that are able to explain the benefits to their customers – architects, specifiers, building owners and outfitters. At the core of this is our ‘Approved Manufacturers Programme’ to train the people who turn Accoya into finished products – and then support them through our own sales and marketing channels.

Our approach helps drive the product into the market down through the sales chain as well as building ‘pull’ demand from the people who will choose, own and live with their Accoya wood doors, windows, cladding and decking.


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